fleshlight packaging tin and naked modelWelcome to FLESHGUIDE, the Fleshlight Reviews Blog

This site is dedicated to informing men everywhere with our Fleshlight reviews of masturbation sex toys that can enhance boring masturbation, can help teach control over the ejaculatory response and to be honest more than anything else will let you have very, very intense orgasms – depending on which Fleshlight you choose.

Fleshlight has been around for over 15 years and has sold over 8 million products to men all over the world, that’s a lot of satisfied men. We here at FleshGuide.com also count ourselves among those happy satisfied men. We test all the products various times to break them in and then give a detailed report on them to help you decide whether a Fleshlight is for you. There are a lot of models with a lot of different inner sleeves and textures – from simulating deep throat to anal and vaginal sex, to imaginative inner sleeve/insert textures that will blow you away.

All men masturbate or feel the need to at some time and women aren’t always available or willing whenever we are, so to get the frustration out we think that these male sex toys are a good way to enhance an otherwise routine action. The toys last for years, I personally have owned some for over 6 years and the material is still perfect. The material of the sleeve also contains no carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals and is the safest out there and for that reason it is patented.

All of us here are married or have girlfriends, except Tim ):, so that dispels the myth that these toys are for single men. The creator of the toy is also a married man. Anyway, we hope you enjoy reading the site, we will be putting up regular Fleshlight reviews of the products and hope they help you to decide which Fleshlight is for you.

Enjoy – The FleshGuide Team

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